Project AM2R – Another Metroid 2 Remake

I am a huge Metroid fan, and I have played through most of the games in the series apart from Hunters on the DS, the Pinball spinoff and the original Metroid 2. I never owned a DS to play the former, and Metroid 2 was a bit “meh” for me because it’s sort of drab. Few interesting environments, somewhat repetitive Metroid killing and cave exploring, lack of a map, etc. So therefore, it was a joyful moment when I found this on the web some months ago:

Samus Aran blasting a floating enemy with her Ice Beam power-up. Nice graphics!

Screenshot from Another Metroid 2 Remake, a fan project that has some real quality to it. Click the image to go to their page.


Video trailer: YouTube

This project hasn’t actually received an update since last December, but for what it is it is spectacular. This must be one of the best fan games I have played. It takes Metroid 2 and remakes it in the style Nintendo used for their official Metroid 1 remake… except this somehow feels even more polished and enjoyable. It has good gameplay, nice graphics, rearranged music, some new features here and there… and it’s all fantastic.

The controls are smooth, and never have I enjoyed using the Morph Ball so much. The translation of the old Game Boy graphics and mechanics is also stellar. The sound effects fit well, and I found myself liking the basic Power Beam for once, just because of that sound. Currently the game lasts up until the boss fight with Arachnus, which is a good chunk of gameplay already. You can get many of the upgrades and fight most types of Metroid.

Definitely a project to check out if you are a fan of Metroid or just classic games in general.

Multiplayer programming

I haven’t really been doing any net-based stuff at all with Game Maker so far, but now I have started practicing. I have created a simple shooter that works via LAN, but establishing a connection through the internet seems to be a bit troublesome. I think this is because of router settings, and something called port forwarding that may sometimes interfere.

So it works on LAN, and via a Hamachi network (simulated LAN), but not internet. If anyone wants to test the connectivity for me, you can download the file below:

After selecting name and character, there are two buttons: HOST and JOIN. Clicking HOST should take you to a red screen if successful. While in that mode, a connection can be established by someone clicking JOIN and typing in your IP. If you are testing on your own computer, use the default address. If you are going via LAN, find your connection details in the control panel and use the IPv4. If you are going via internet (it will most likely not work), use; to find your IP.

If you do test, please tell me the results in a comment below. Thanks. 🙂

Some Game Maker projects of mine

Making games is one of my main hobbies. It think it might in fact be my main hobby. I’ve got a huge problem with finishing projects, though, so most of my creations go unnoticed. Therefore I’ll post a few alpha/beta/demo versions here for you to see.

First one: Top-down (early GTA-styled) Metroid fan game. The file is a zipped EXE.

Download from here.