Game archive

These are the games I have uploaded to this blog. They will be organized in alphabetical order, with the latest update posts from the main page linked to.



BIONICLE Fighter: Broken Virtues

A platform fighting game that is geared towards multiplayer. The actual multiplayer is not in yet, but the game still has a lot of features likely to please BIONICLE fans. You can play as two different species, customize your character’s appearance, equipment and powers, and duke it out on several maps against AI-controlled bots. There’s even a boss encounter in there if you feel like getting a challenge.  

Link: Latest update (Version 16.1).



LAN multiplayer test  

A very simple connection test, set in a top-down shooter environment. Do not expect anything great from this. However, it would be very nice to get some feedback on how it works for you.

Link: Download and comments here.



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