Programming examples coming soon

Over the course of my work in the Game Maker Community’s Q&A section, I have ended up creating a whole bunch of scripts and example files. Since I create far more examples than I do actual games, I figured I should start uploading them here.

I’ll have to polish some of them first, and my use of time is notoriously bad, but eventually you’ll be able to view them in a new section on this blog. 😛

Stay tuned.

BIONICLE Fighter v9.2

New version is out.

– Bots can now use the Huna, Kakama, Pakari, Kiril, Jutlin and Avsa.
– Added new ice map: Frozen Base.
– Added Rahkshi of Gravity primary ability: Gravity Slam. A wave of energy that weighs the target down upon hit.
– Added Rahkshi of Gravity secondary ability: Black Hole. An “explosive” which creates a vortext that pulls players and objects into itself.
– Added Toa of Stone secondary ability: Fracture. Wherever this small energy ball strikes, stone spikes appear in sequence.
– Halved direct Fireball damage.
– Fixed the “swimming” state triggering in too shallow water.
– Flamethrower particles no longer penetrate their targets.
– Settings (sound and controls) are now automatically saved and loaded. Note: I have been told this does not work on every computer.

BIONICLE Fighter v9.1

New update. Typical that when I finally get some work done, BZP goes down again so that most of my fans will be unable to see this right away.

New in version 9.1:
– Added options for turning bots and other AI enemies on/off.
– Changed Midak Skyblaster shot to a miniature light flare.
– Previous Midak laser repurposed as Toa of Light primary.
– Added basic absorb ability for Toa of Earth, Light and Shadow, though they have no effect yet beyond recharging energy.

Bug fixes and engine tweaks:
– Lightning attacks now only stuns for half a second.
– Lightning now counts kills.
– The Toa version of Chain Lightning only splits twice instead of thrice.
– Bots can no longer be blinded. This will be reinstated once the code has been fixed.
– Teleportation powers now cancel momentum after teleporting.
– The view now follows the crosshair properly.
– Made stat arrows easier to click (hopefully).



BIONICLE Fighter v9.0

It is done. Brand-spanking-new trailer below, download link beneath that again. Enjoy. 🙂



Coming next update: Toa of Lightning are joining the fray!

Wielding the power of electricity, they can send out streams of it or focus it into a devastating chain lightning attack. (Don’t worry, Rahkshi fans, Rahkshi of Chain Lightning will get some new tricks in the future as well.)

Progress on BIONICLE Fighter

It’s been over a month since I posted the previous demo, and I’ve spread it around on YoYo Games and the GMC. I haven’t got all that many plays, though, most likely because the title will only really appeal to BIONICLE fans. Other places, I have to rely on the platform fighter aspect being the most appealing. BZPower is on its way back, though, so I’m suspecting that in a week or two I can get back on and post the new update there. I suspect that a lot of fans that don’t know about this blog will be happy for that.

Anyways, here is a list of the stuff I’ve been working on since version 8:
* Copied the Rahkshi Teleportation power so it works for the Toa mask version as well.
* Began working on the powers of Toa of Magnetism.
* The Midak Skyblaster can now fire a proper laser beam.
* Messed around with Illusion powers, but they didn’t work out that well, so I’ll have to start over later.

Still no work on online multiplayer. I’m sorry. I know you are dying for me to get to it already. 🙂

BIONICLE Fighter v8.0

It’s been a while, but here’s a new version. BZPower is still down, but I’ve created a new forum topic on the official Game Maker forum. I’ve actually been a bit reluctant to post it there, since fellow programmers are a lot harder impress than the average BZP user. 😛
Still, it’s up.

The new version adds a whole bunch of stuff, like Rahkshi of Teleportation and a new (WIP) map. There’s also plenty of bug fixes and engine tweaks. And before I forget: I updated the main menu with a brand new look. The character creation screen now shows descriptions of each item and ability. All in all, a good update, if I may say so myself.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Link to GMC forum topic
BIONICLE Fighter on YoYo Games
Mediafire direct download (24.58 MB ZIP)

First post

So, I got myself a blog. I never thought I would need one, but I guess it can be quite useful.

Stay tuned.