So, Minecraft

The Minecraft logo.


Yeah, I totally play this from time to time. Usually I start a Survival world, then get tired with the BS that is MC Survival, and switch to Creative for an epic build instead. Then I
– abandon the build halfway through
– go to find a multiplayer server
– get fed up with the BS that is MC multiplayer ;D
– repeat process from the beginning.

Still, sometimes I do things I feel like taking screenshots of, so I might as well show off here.

For reference, the game itself can be found here:

The texture pack I am using in some of my screenshots is called Sphax PureBDcraft, and can be downloaded for free here:

Click the images to enlarge and view full size.

A castle built on a basic flat grass world.

A castle that went a bit overboard.

This was originally meant to be just a small 8×8 square where I would test out how much I could fit into such a small space. After building one room I built another, and eventually I had a castle.

The main characters from the webcomic Eight Bit Theater.

The main characters from the webcomic Eight Bit Theater.

The crazy crew from Eight Bit Theater. Actually, the sprites are from the first Final Fantasy game on the good ol’ NES. I picked these 4 to replicate in MC due to the webcomic, though.

White Mage from Final Fantasy 1, in Minecraft.

A White Mage sprite, reconstructed in Minecraft.

Ah, yes. What would the Light Warriors be without a White Mage to heal them whenever they get hurt? Any healer’s patience may run thin after a while, though.

One of my friends in Minecraft. Both he and his horse wears golden armor.

One of my friends in his old Minecraft skin.

A friend of mine in all his Minecraft glory, He is one which I have been on several servers with, and together we have built a few nice things.

A red-haired girl playing Skyblock Minecraft.

Place me and this girl on Skyblock, and it will probably end in disaster.

Another friend of mine, a girl with a knack for Minecraft Skyblock. Most of the floating islands we have built on eventually exploded, though. Totally not our fault, oh no!

A semi-circular arena built in Minecraft, modeled after Roman arenas.

What is a multiplayer game without an arena to duke it out in?

Me and my aforementioned friend built this arena on a local LAN game I hosted. We felt the need to use the desert setting for what it was worth, and a Roman arena is what we ended up with. I took about an hour or two to lay Redstone wire between the arena doors and the spectator booth, so the match can be controlled by an arena assistant.

After this screenshot was taken, we also decked out the entrance with some statues, and added a fireworks-and-flower launcher to the roof of the “emperor’s seat”.

To ease the somewhat tedious work on that arena, I had this song playing the background:

Glory of The Empire by Circus Maximus.

Spotify link
YouTube link

An awesome song. Well worth a listen, I would say.

Update (finally)

So, this site kind of died after my last post in 2009, since I never did much to post here. I’ve kept linking to it for some reason, though, so I figured I might as well write some stuff here.

Right now I’m completing my third and final year of Media & Communication in what you English-speakers might call “high school”, and so far it’s been a blast. Last year’s kind of boring since there’s a lot more theory work to be done, but I still find it nice. As far as universities goes, I was thinking of either continuing my media education or go off to learn to 3D animation / game programming. It’s a hard choice, especially since the latter is what I really want to do but I’m not sure if I’m better off just learning it via the net in my spare time. We’ll see. I might also take a year off to work up some money instead.

Speaking of game programming, here are my current projects:
– That Metroid TDS I linked to 2 years ago (reworked)
– A BIONICLE fighting game that’s coming along nicely (main topic at here)

I’m working on both of those in Game Maker 8. I should probably learn to program with C or something, but I never get around to that. 😛 In addition to the two above, I’m also writing up designs for a few other game ideas I found interesting. More on that later.

First post

So, I got myself a blog. I never thought I would need one, but I guess it can be quite useful.

Stay tuned.