I’m a wannabe game programmer and graphics artist from Norway, and this is my production blog (sort of). I’ll be using this place to post the stuff I make. I love to get feedback in order to improve my works (though more importantly: stroke my ego), so if you got time, I would really appreciate a comment or two.

Enjoy your stay. 🙂

I’ve been on the internet for years, so it’s just reasonable that I have a lot of accounts on various sites. So for your convenience, here’s a list of some of my most used accounts:

Game Maker CommunityKatuko



NB: There is a user named Katuko on DA, but that is not me, even though that’s my most common username.

SteamKatukoTheMage, aka Katuko and Noxious Dragon

Facebook — Oskar Aleksander Garshol

2 Responses to About

  1. BionCore says:

    Hello this is BionCore and I would like to put Bionicle fighter Broken Virtues on the Bionicle Creative website. and of course if you let us well say it belongs to you and have a link to this website or any other one.

    • toakatuko says:

      Sounds well enough; but do you have a link to this web page? I found one site on blogspot called “Creative Project”, but it has a different username for its admin and does not appear to state any particular goal.

      If you put my game on your web page, it will be for the purposes of archiving and linking to games and other media within the fandom, correct?

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