BIONICLE Fighter v16.1

If you enjoy getting wrecked by boss fights, this just might be the update for you! Oh, and we got a new enemy type and a new weapon, too.

Download (Windows executable, 72.07 MB, packed in ZIP format)

Click to download from Dropbox


Click the thumbnails to view full size.

News/bug fixes in version 16.0:
– New map: Kini-Nui and Mangaia combined.
– New boss fight: Makuta Teridax. Found in the Mangaia portion of the joint map.
– Boss fight with Rahkshi moved from Kini-Nui to joint map. Defeating them opens the way into Mangaia.
– Boss fight with Toa Mata moved from Ta-Koro to Kini-Nui.
– New Rahi enemy: Nui-Jaga. A few of them appear in Onu-Koro.
– Made bots use the new Plant Life secondary attack.

Updates in version 16.1:
– Toa Mata didn’t spawn properly on Kini Nui. They do now.
– Items will now spawn in the joint Kini Nui/Mangaia map.
– Fixed the gravity field preventing flying characters from exiting Mangaia, and also made it 100% certain to prevent fall damage.
– Added a column of light which lifts you out of Mangaia after the boss fight. Use it by pressing Up+Use, like you would on a teleporter.
– Fixed a few issues with the Makuta boss fight… and apparently introduced some new ones. Sorry about the mess.
– Added music for Makuta boss fight.
– New attempt at solving the Windows 8 crashes – the crashes are related to sound, so go to settings and turn on Win8 bug fix to eliminate certain troublesome sound effects for the time being.
– Nui-Jaga now spawn every 30-40 seconds in Onu-Koro.
– New weapon: Lava Launcher. Fires a stream of flames.

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4 Responses to BIONICLE Fighter v16.1

  1. Sardec Xavier says:

    Hey I would be willing to help you and give some ideas for the game if you want, just send me the email file. First question, tho it is random, is how large are you sprites for the game, cause I can never seem to get the size right. SECONDLY let me say I love the game, great job, only 2 bugs I have noticed so far. One, on the start of any spawn, I am unable to jump or move without having to repetedly tap the move button, occurs wth teleport also. Secondly, the game will lag out for a few seconds, than suddenly kill a random player, including me. I also would like to see a new system for attacks to go diagonally up left or right, making it so people who want to fly above your, or people who want to float above there opponents to kill them. I also want to help make a mission mode, so then the levels can be like a mission or story, like onu-koro seems like there should be more to adventure on and there isn’t so slight disappointment. So email me at and I would love to help even if it is just making mission maps.

    • toakatuko says:

      I keep the project file under wraps for the most part, mostly because there’s plenty of people who want to work on it yet have no actual programming experience (plus it’s a mess, so there’s no point in releasing it until I have rewritten the worst parts). Coding goes pretty well for me, though, so graphics, maps and sound effects is what I usually need help with. πŸ™‚

      The size of the sprites is according to the InnerRayg 2.5 BIONICLE sprite kit, so if you fit any new sprites to the base size and style of those characters it should work out fine. I made a ZIP archive with most of the sprites I have been able to collect for that kit some time ago, which can be found here:

      There’s been some new additions since this was uploaded, such as a few missing weapons and some new Vortixx poses, but the collection has all the basics made by Rayg and other contributors.

      The bugs you describe in the game sounds a lot like what happens when the computer is simply unable to run the game properly. Not being able to jump might occur either from extreme input lag, or from errors being processed. Furthermore, many keyboards “ghost” when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, so as a test you may try rebinding some of the keys just to see if that changes anything.

      If it lags out and you die, I wonder if that’s not just to several frames being skipped, with you receiving damage at some point when you cannot see it happen. If not, the game is not running correctly. There’s been a lot of errors, but none where you suddenly die to thin air (unless attacked by a character using one of the invisibility powers). πŸ˜›

      Flight has been semi-balanced by the inability to shoot downwards as well as upwards, but diagonal attacks are actually coming in the new engine. It’s slow to make because I have lots of other things to do nowadays, but I’m nearing the point where I can release a tech demo.

      The game was always envisioned as a multiplayer fighter, and with so much content to make already I have skipped out entirely on missions. Due to how slowly progress is coming it’s hazardous to add new content now, but I suppose I could use some missions to flesh out the rather lacking match system that is in place right now.

      The plan for Onu-Koro was to have a Bohrok invasion occur, but I never got that far.

      Thank you for your interest, by the way, I’m glad to hear you like the game. πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude my pleasure can’t wait to see online occur. You can make that invasion occur. Also for the ice level, I can never get inside the fort XD it’s always closed. Can’t wait for next update.

  2. demfem says:

    i downloaded the game end special,special2,join server,create server are an unavailable
    can you help me please with this problem

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