BIONICLE Fighter v15.0

This version doesn’t have anything major, but it does have a few new abilities for Toa. It also includes a temporary emergency fix for the crash issues some people have been having on Windows 8.

Download (Windows executable, 65.57 MB, packed in ZIP format)

Click to download from Mediafire

Click to download from Dropbox

Changes (15.0):
– Added Toa of Psionics secondary: Psionic Shield. Pushes away players and creatures, and bounces away solid objects such as rockets.
– Added Toa of Plant Life secondary: Entangle. Spruts three vines from the ground which grapples enemies and slows them down.
– Added Toa of Iron secondary: Saw Blade. Throws a spinning buzzsaw that deals extra damage to weapons and armor. Returns to the thrower like a boomerang.
– Added new style variations for Felnas (no spikes), Jutlin (pilot version), Kaukau (Faxon), Avohkii (drained version), Krahkaan (flipped), Miru (Lewa Phantoka).

Bug fixes and engine tweaks:
– Miru should no longer turn on and drain energy underwater.
– Added a button on the main menu which applies a Windows 8 hotfix. Removes Lightning Balls and multiple Exo-Pyro fireballs.
– Updated menu listings for Toa. (Also reacts to the Windows 8 fix button).
– Touched up the latest menu buttons so they have a proper color blend.

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7 Responses to BIONICLE Fighter v15.0

  1. Anonymous says:

    This game is so awesome you dont even need to be a Bionicle fan to enjoy it. I hope the servers come out soon. Dont Quit This Project.

  2. Triop5 says:

    This was my first time playing your game, and it’s amazing! I hope you have time to keep working on it!

  3. BionCore says:

    Hey when do you think the servers will be out or are you still way far back to determine that?

    • toakatuko says:

      Honestly, I have no idea. The game is a one-man project of a very large size, and I’ve had little time to even get around to do anything in the old engine recently. Adding efficient, working net play will take quite some time yet.

      • BionCore says:

        Would you like me to find some people that would be willing to help or do you want to do it by yourself?

  4. BionCore says:

    Here is a link to some people that could help with game

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