BIONICLE Fighter v9.4

We are skipping version 9.3 here because I am a tool and forgot to update this blog along with the forums I usually post in. But look on the bright side: between 9.2 and 9.4 there are lots of changes! πŸ˜€

Screenshots (click for full view):


Download (36.54 MB):


Change list (from 9.2 to 9.4):

– Added Toa of Water primary attack: Water jet. A stream that flows along the floor. Is more accurate underwater.
– Added Toa of Shadow secondary attack: Black Lightning. Charges up power for a second before firing a devastating bolt.
– Toa now have visible Nuva armor.
– Armor drops on maps and from defeated players.
– Poison Sword added. Functions basically like a re-skinned fire sword.
– Kanohi Volitak is now functional. Stealth causes the target to become mostly transparent, and mutes footsteps. For player-vs-AI purposes, it plays exactly the same as a Huna, but real players will still be able to notice the differences from their opponents.
– Bots now use their teleportation powers in combat.
– Cordak Blaster now shoots a simple explosive projectile.

– Fixed the Kanohi Kaukau not giving infinite air while swimming like it’s supposed to.
– Toa of Air now create whirlpools instead of tornadoes underwater.
– Updated items and ability list to correctly list the available options.
– Made the Hau shield properly stop the newest attacks.
– Lifeblade attacks now show the healing particle effect.
– The character menu has been updated to show equipped items (except shields) on the character preview.
– Disintegration effects now disperse in fluid instead of just disappearing faster. This looks very sexy.
– Fixed fire still passing through non-player enemies.
– Added a few lines of code to prevent AI getting “stuck” inside each other.
– Added some randomness to the AI’s initial jump trigger, preventing them from jumping all the time.
– Fixed AI to no longer jump off cliffs without flight powers.
– AI will save themselves from harmful falls even when not targeting a player.
– Primary Lightning and Secondary Light (Flare) are no longer armor-piercing attacks.
– Ice and water sprays will now block each other on contact, like fire and ice already does.
– Ice will be destroyed by plasma, while the plasma’s damage is weakened.
– Fixed Electro-Blade stun time being 3 seconds rather than the intended 1.
– Added sound effects for Fear and Poison.
– Made melee hit sounds play for Nui-Rama and Exo-Toa.

Planned for the next version: addition of more armor sprites and other graphics; some work on maps; some tweaking of powers and probably addition of new ones. Might finally add in a proper match system instead of just infinite battles, too, so stay tuned.

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9 Responses to BIONICLE Fighter v9.4

  1. caasicam says:

    Oh look, you have a blog. πŸ˜› And with the forums down (Grrrr….) I’ll just post here instead. πŸ˜€

    Ok, like I said before, the Black Lightning attack is awesome. The charge-up gave me a new gameplay style for Shadow (Charge-up and actually aim the attack instead of spraying elements around) πŸ˜› .

    I did notice, however, that if you press the key to start the charge-up, and then activate a Hau or get stunned, it still fires. Don’t know if this was just something missed or intentional.

    • caasicam says:

      Whoops…. πŸ˜›

      WordPress didn’t like the name Gravity or Acrophobia, it’s me, though. Derp.

    • toakatuko says:

      Ah, yes, I missed that. You may notice that when you die the charge disappears; I just forgot to apply that code to getting stunned as well.

  2. AuRon says:

    Is this update on Or have you not put it there?

    • toakatuko says:

      Ah, no. I’ve found that posting on YoYo Games is basically more hassle than it’s worth, mostly because I can’t quickly update a game without making a new post, and both the game section and the forum gets very little attention; especially when this game is already kind of catering to a niche market. I did post a topic on the Game Maker Community (the more well-used official Game Maker forum), but again attention was scant. Ditto for Mask of Destiny (another forum which has as good as died by now).

      For this reason, BIONICLE Fighter is posted mainly on BZPower. As far as I know that’s where I get 99% of my downloads, and that’s where I get the most and proper feedback.

      When the game is nearing completion, and especially when it finally is complete some time in the future, I will post it in more locations. Mostly finished games draw more attention anyways.

      • AuRon says:

        Oh, darn, I was hoping to update to the latest version ASAP. =/ I guess I’ll just have to wait until you’ve finished the game, hope you’ll finish everything soon!

  3. toakatuko says:

    You’re unable to download from Mediafire? I could always find different host as well, since I know it’s always good to have mirrors. I’m likely to release v9.5 soon by the way, but I have to finish some serious school work this week before I have time to do more about the game. If guess I can upload a version to YoYo as well once I get there, but do speak up if you know of any other hosts you can use.

    • AuRon says:

      (I’m pretty sure we’ve had this conversation over PM before…)
      Yes, I’m unable to download from Mediafire. If you can upload a version to YoYo, that would be a big help, but if you can’t, I understand. Good luck with that schoolwork!

      • toakatuko says:

        I remember now, you’re right. We did. Well, if I someone wants to play my game, I will try my best to let them. πŸ™‚

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