Bio.Fighter progress

Just thought I should tell you the current progress on my game.

– Bots now have the ability to use the power of masks other than the Miru. Be prepared to face Toa with functional Pakari, Huna, Kakama, etc. in the next version.

– I’m working on making the sprites I need for players actually using their shields. Even if I don’t finish those, I’ll try to at least have the “ambidextrous player” problem solved. (No longer simply mirroring the sprites when changing direction.)
Rahkshi off-hand attack Rahkshi blocking Rahkshi with shield

– A certain someone may soon be making an appearance.
Makuta Matoran Makuta normal

Here’s the maps I have been working on lately.

Kini-Nui (On top of Mangaia.)

Unnamed ice map

I’m lacking proper trees to put at the edges of Kini-Nui, as well as a proper mountain background. I will have to make those later. The ice map will be in the next version, at least, as soon as I’m done making a few small graphics for it (like a lever to open the fortress gate).

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9 Responses to Bio.Fighter progress

  1. pixel games and pixel art is awesome!!! good work πŸ™‚

    • toakatuko says:

      Thanks. πŸ™‚ I want to say that most of the sprite work is not mine, though. The original sprites were made by a user named InnerRayg; while I and many others are building upon his sprite kit.

      The programming is all mine, though.

  2. Wow. Again, I am amazed at how far this game has gone since I first played it.

  3. rahkshi guurahk on bzp says:

    wow, very far progress since 7.0

  4. AI with masks…Scary…and the “someone” is even more so…

    • toakatuko says:

      Well, AI with masks will just be a taste of how a real player will be to face. If it gets too ridiculously hard I know I have some balance issues. πŸ˜›

  5. Tarik says:

    Will This Up[date Include the toa of stone secondary?

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