BIONICLE Fighter v9.1

New update. Typical that when I finally get some work done, BZP goes down again so that most of my fans will be unable to see this right away.

New in version 9.1:
– Added options for turning bots and other AI enemies on/off.
– Changed Midak Skyblaster shot to a miniature light flare.
– Previous Midak laser repurposed as Toa of Light primary.
– Added basic absorb ability for Toa of Earth, Light and Shadow, though they have no effect yet beyond recharging energy.

Bug fixes and engine tweaks:
– Lightning attacks now only stuns for half a second.
– Lightning now counts kills.
– The Toa version of Chain Lightning only splits twice instead of thrice.
– Bots can no longer be blinded. This will be reinstated once the code has been fixed.
– Teleportation powers now cancel momentum after teleporting.
– The view now follows the crosshair properly.
– Made stat arrows easier to click (hopefully).



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