Game update

It’s hard to say when a game deserves a new WIP release. The new Ta-Koro map is technically ready to play, even if it’s missing major features. The platform layout there, but it’s missing the rock bridge, the fortress and a cliff outpost. So yeah, I’ll have to work a bit more ion that yet. Even so, I did release Mangaia with nothing but a flat cave floor. šŸ˜€

Other changes:
– Toa of Magnetism working decently. Needs a graphics update.
– The relevant Rahkshi can now use their main Plasma power, mostly the same as the Toa’s. No secondary for them yet.
– Hunger now uses a custom particle effect rather than the ugly built-in one.
– Kanohi masks now drop with style variations. Bots will also use these. Previously only players could use different styles.
– Zoomed the view to 150%. Bug: The HUD scales accordingly. This will be remedied, but for now it’s not too distracting and might actually be easier to read.
– The overcharge now fades out after lying around too long, but will also be dropped when a charged player dies.
– Tweaked some powers (like stone and fire) to behave more realistically underwater.
– Various other fixes.

New version will be out in a while. A week, maybe two. If I slack off… even more. šŸ™‚

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I really like all kinds of media -- Movies, animation, web, games... it's all interesting!

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