New map

I was thinking… those of you who have played my game since the early versions will most likely be sick of the Karda Nui map by now. I added Mangaia lately, but let’s be honest here: At the moment it’s this game’s Final Destination. It’s a dark, boring cave with a flat, boring floor. Until I add some glowing green pillars and whatnot, it’s not much to talk about. I was planning on sticking Kini-Nui (the great temple) on top of the Mangaia caves like it is in BIONICLE canon, but I haven’t finished that part yet.

Therefore, I’ve begun work on Ta-Koro; the village of fire. It consists of a stone fortress in the middle of an active volcano, so that should certainly be more interesting than a flat cave. The screenshot below (cropped and scaled down, the real map is much larger) shows the crater edge, some stone huts and the site of the well-known bridge that can be raised and lowered to keep people out (or just drown them in lava).

I’ve also sketched out a proper water map and a certain mine. Once Ta-Koro is finished, I will remove the horrible volcano test map that is already in the game. Getting rid of that abomination is actually quite the motivator for me. 😀

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