Progress on BIONICLE Fighter

It’s been over a month since I posted the previous demo, and I’ve spread it around on YoYo Games and the GMC. I haven’t got all that many plays, though, most likely because the title will only really appeal to BIONICLE fans. Other places, I have to rely on the platform fighter aspect being the most appealing. BZPower is on its way back, though, so I’m suspecting that in a week or two I can get back on and post the new update there. I suspect that a lot of fans that don’t know about this blog will be happy for that.

Anyways, here is a list of the stuff I’ve been working on since version 8:
* Copied the Rahkshi Teleportation power so it works for the Toa mask version as well.
* Began working on the powers of Toa of Magnetism.
* The Midak Skyblaster can now fire a proper laser beam.
* Messed around with Illusion powers, but they didn’t work out that well, so I’ll have to start over later.

Still no work on online multiplayer. I’m sorry. I know you are dying for me to get to it already. 🙂

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I really like all kinds of media -- Movies, animation, web, games... it's all interesting!

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