BIONICLE Fighter v8.0

It’s been a while, but here’s a new version. BZPower is still down, but I’ve created a new forum topic on the official Game Maker forum. I’ve actually been a bit reluctant to post it there, since fellow programmers are a lot harder impress than the average BZP user. 😛
Still, it’s up.

The new version adds a whole bunch of stuff, like Rahkshi of Teleportation and a new (WIP) map. There’s also plenty of bug fixes and engine tweaks. And before I forget: I updated the main menu with a brand new look. The character creation screen now shows descriptions of each item and ability. All in all, a good update, if I may say so myself.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Link to GMC forum topic
BIONICLE Fighter on YoYo Games
Mediafire direct download (24.58 MB ZIP)

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4 Responses to BIONICLE Fighter v8.0

  1. weird paper snowflake thing says:

    hey man, nice to hear from you again!

    i should be downloading this soon. will it have some AI’s on it like the usual fighting game?

    • toakatuko says:

      There are AI players to fight, yes. They are the players with health bars over them in the screenshots. They don’t use all the tricks a player would use (mask powers are for the most part unavailable to them), but they can still put up a real fight.

      There are also a few other AI enemies in the Karda Nui map. Kill the three Exo-Toa (rocket-launching robots) to spawn a boss. 🙂

  2. Zarayna says:

    Katuko! Finally tracked you down. XD

    yeah, I’m waaay behind in this game; I think I still have v6 on my computer. 😛

    I’ll have to download this version; probably when I’m on a better computer.

    But I am seriously looking forward to teleportation powers and the other stuff you added.


    • toakatuko says:

      First thing I thought when I saw “User Zarayna has commented on your blog” in my inbox was “How did he find me!?” 😀 (Or is it she? Can’t remember, but I think not.)

      Nice to hear from you. After BZP died I lost contact with several people. In hindsight, I should probably have gotten their e-mail addresses earlier…

      Anyways, as you’ve probably seen from my blog posts, I’m still working on this and I’ve got stuff in the works. Like, stuff. New map “stuff”. New powers “stuff”.

      It’s not in the version available to you, but Magnetism is on its way, as is the Midak Skyblaster and some other stuff. Ta-Koro is semi-finished as a map, and I’m going to try reworking Karda Nui a bit to allow for proper terrain effects. Right now it’s all using my old system of “this is a wall, and this and this and this” instead of “this is rock, this is metal”. Since footstep noises depend on terrain and some elements recharge faster when near a “source”, this is necessary.

      Oh, well, lot’s of things to do. I still haven’t added shields, for example. No animation for throwing elemental attacks. No proper death beyond exploding (was thinking of ragdolls :P). Lots to do, lots to do…

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