Update (finally)

So, this site kind of died after my last post in 2009, since I never did much to post here. I’ve kept linking to it for some reason, though, so I figured I might as well write some stuff here.

Right now I’m completing my third and final year of Media & Communication in what you English-speakers might call “high school”, and so far it’s been a blast. Last year’s kind of boring since there’s a lot more theory work to be done, but I still find it nice. As far as universities goes, I was thinking of either continuing my media education or go off to learn to 3D animation / game programming. It’s a hard choice, especially since the latter is what I really want to do but I’m not sure if I’m better off just learning it via the net in my spare time. We’ll see. I might also take a year off to work up some money instead.

Speaking of game programming, here are my current projects:
– That Metroid TDS I linked to 2 years ago (reworked)
– A BIONICLE fighting game that’s coming along nicely (main topic at BZPower.com here)

I’m working on both of those in Game Maker 8. I should probably learn to program with C or something, but I never get around to that. 😛 In addition to the two above, I’m also writing up designs for a few other game ideas I found interesting. More on that later.

About toakatuko
I really like all kinds of media -- Movies, animation, web, games... it's all interesting!

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